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Michael Derdzinski
WAHU President 2008 


I am writing this column between sessions of the National Association of Health Underwriting Annual Conference in San Diego.


The Awards Presentation just concluded and it was great to see Terri Courtney, WAHU legislative chair, receive recognition for the wonderful work she and the legislative committee have done this past year. We look to her and the committee to continue their consistently fine work in what will be a very interesting legislative year.

Katie Beals and Dean Hoffman also received recognition for their leadership in state and regional efforts for HUPAC games and membership retention respectively.


The joy of winning awards was tempered, however, by the absence of Shannon Nealis to share in it. Shannon was due to join us in San Diego on Monday when we learned of his passing on Sunday evening. He was a good friend to those who knew him and well respected within the industry.  He is missed. Our prayers and condolences go out to his wife and children.  The South Central golf outing is now named in his honor.


Not missed, however, is the incessant, insistent and omnipresent political advertising of the primary election (unless of course you work in advertising, public relations or the media). This will be short lived as the national convention draws near and the fall legislative season begins.


As in the last few years, we can anticipate continued pressure to limit the market’s ability to provide choice, access and affordability in healthcare. Elsewhere in this issue, specific legislative issues are identified that we will need to act on shortly.  In those instances where government involvement may enhance health care cost containment and accessibility, the various transparency initiatives come to mind, we will support them.  


In all cases an informed, involved and growing membership are essential to promoting Sensible Health Solutions in Wisconsin. 


FAST FACT:  As of this writing 9 of 16 initiatives in Sensible Health Solutions have been proposed to the legislator.



BEInvolved – Join us at Chula Vista for our annual sales conference and you will BEInformed by the content described elsewhere in this issue and Bring a colleague or business associate and help grow the membership.


Informed, Involved, and Growing towards Sensible Health Solutions for Wisconsin.  Sounds like a mantra we can live by.  See you in September. (My apologizes to the Happenings)


Mike Derdzinski



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