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Blogging for Health Care Changes...

Blogs [contraction of the words “web” and “log”] are excellent tools in communicating a message. We tend to equate Blogs with politics, viral marketing in a business context, and then all the millions upon millions of individuals who maintain their own web logs on a range of subjects that staggers the imagination.

Curmudgeon’s Corner is somewhat unique in that it is directed in the narrow context of health care and politics (heavy on health care). I write to acquaint others with the marketplace solution versus the “one size fits all” universal care solution. I write to respond to letters to the editor, as well. You’ll note that I tag myself as socially and fiscally conservative and state that I do not belong to a political party. My takes tend to be annoying to both parties when I think them deserving.

This Blog has now been in operation since late April and is intended to focus on the Coalition for Sensible Health Care Solutions’ approach to a common-sense market driven health care solution. For those who are not familiar with the Coalition, it is comprised of the Independent Insurance Agents of Wisconsin [IIAW], the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors [NAIFA], the Professional Insurance Agents of Wisconsin [PIA] and our own Wisconsin Association of Health Underwriters [WAHU].

The Blog is available to anyone desiring to use it. Initial teasers of each new Blog are sent to Senators and Assembly-persons, to newspaper editors, to Chambers of Commerce, and to Clubs such as the Rotary, Lions and so on. If you have suggestions for addresses, please simply e-mail those to me at [email protected] and I’ll add them to the list receiving notifications when a new Blog is published.

Similarly, if there are articles printed in your local newspapers, please feel free to use Blogs that might apply or to scan and e-mail or fax to me at 262-251-4095. I’ll be happy to attempt to respond from a marketplace perspective.

We must get our message across to the populace and we must bring sufficient pressure to bear on our elected representatives to assure that we don’t cast off the best system in the world. True, it needs fixing, and that is what the Coalition has proposed.




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