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Legislative Overview


Latest WAHU Legislative Information

» 2007/2008 Legislative Session WAHU Overview
» 2007-2008 Legislative Agenda
» 2008 Position Papers
» WAHU BadgerChoic Plus Overview
» State and Federal Legislative Issues sections.
» Legislative Update


Legislative Committee Members

Brian Flynn (NC Leg Chair) - [email protected]
Richard Champion (SE) - [email protected]
Terri Courtney (State Chair) - [email protected]
Michael Derdzinski (State President) - [email protected]
Mike Farrell (SE Chair) - [email protected]
Terrence Frett (SE) - [email protected]
Larry Godlewski (FV) - [email protected]
Karen Hebert (NC) - [email protected]
Chris Lokken (CHC & HUPAC Chair) - [email protected]
Randy McLaury (SC) - [email protected]
Shannon Nealis (Vice Chair & SC) - [email protected]
Patti Ring (NC) - [email protected]
Paulette Ruminski (FV Chair) - [email protected]
Karen Smith (FV) - [email protected]
Diane Wilkinson (SC Leg Chair) - [email protected]
Chad Zuleger (Lobbyist) - [email protected]
Dan Schwartzer (Lobbyist) - [email protected]


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