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 Terri Courtney,
WAHU Legislative Chair

July 18, 2021

With the Annual National Association of Health Underwriters convention still fresh in my mind I want to start with congratulations to our membership and the entire statewide Legislative Committee.  The Wisconsin Association of Health Underwriters brought home the Legislative Excellence Award – the highest legislative award given at the NAHU Annual Convention.  This honor is presented to members making significant contributions and performing outstanding service in connection with state legislative matters.  

The award has many components.  There are twenty-two different items or activities which garner points and sections carry a different weight and maximum points allowed.  An association must maintain an active legislative committee, have meetings with legislators and insurance commissioners, keep members apprised of legislative activities and provide “operation shouts” or a similar call to action model, just to name a few items. 

A separate honor was also bestowed upon our association at the annual convention in which Wisconsin was asked to outline our legislative committee structure in an open discussion for new state legislative chairs.  We outlined our structure, activities, policies and procedures and answered many tactical questions from other states in attendance as well have learning about different state structures that we may be able to incorporate here in Wisconsin. 

Again, congratulations on everyone’s hard work and dedication to educate our clients, legislators and citizens on our industry and continuing to strengthen our voice in the capitol.  This award belongs to all members of WAHU.

Campaign Opportunities

In our spring newsletter I noted that each one of us will have several opportunities to talk to our state elected and legislative hopeful representatives.  Campaign season is in full swing at the national and state levels and you do not need to look very far for evidence of democracy in action.  As a matter of fact you might even have had democracy literally knocking on your doorstep to collect signatures for someone wishing to run for elected office.  During the summer and autumn months our Legislative Committee’s activity relating to new state legislative activity does tend to slow a bit. 

This “slow down” legislatively gives our statewide committee and WAHU membership several opportunities to actively engage in many democratic processes which will bring back benefits, both seen and unseen.  This is the time to make sure you have money in your conduit available for campaign fundraisers and to give to the PAC. 

Unsure of how to locate a fundraiser for your local officials?  There are a couple of resources you can use.  The easiest resource is your phone.  Call your candidate’s/legislator’s local campaign headquarters and ask of opportunities, not only for fundraisers, but also to volunteer.  The most in demand skill on a campaign involves the ability to stuff envelopes and the most in demand activity is to host a fundraiser for the candidate. 

WisPolitics.com has a current events calendar which lists fundraisers, hearings, committee meetings, etc., for all things related to politics in Wisconsin.  For more information you can link to their events page at:  http://www.wispolitics.com/index.iml?Content=22

Capitol Hill Club PAC

Question:  Do you know how much money you have in your Capitol Hill Club account? 

Follow-up question:  Do you have a Capitol Hill Club account? 

Campaign season is the most important time of year to contribute to the Capitol Hill Club.

Being involved in the Capitol Hill Club is the easiest way to be politically involved and to be heard in our industry.  Your contribution to the Capitol Hill Club has three components:

1.       WLS Conduit – this is your personal “savings account” in which your money accrues and you decide who the money is given to.  All you have to do is contact Chad at the WAHU offices and tell him you would like to make a contribution to the candidate of your choice.  It is that simple.

2.      WAHUPAC – your contribution to WAHUPAC is administered by the PAC Committee in WAHU’s name, generally to candidates who have shown support of our industry.

3.      HUPAC – your contribution to HUPAC is administered through NAHU.  Contributions are made to federal candidates, including the Wisconsin congressional delegation and candidates running for office.

Please support your industry and “insure” your future.  You can call Chad directly at the WAHU offices or print the Capitol Hill Club form which is found on the WAHU website. 

Healthy Wisconsin Update

The Wisconsin Policy Research Institute has released a report on Healthy Wisconsin titled Will Healthy Wisconsin Bust the State Budget?  This is a comprehensive look at the proposed plans that are going to keep churning out during the next few legislative sessions.  Please take time to read the Executive Summary and the report.  http://www.wpri.org/pages/allreports.html


 June 30, 2021

Wisconsin Awarded 2008 NAHU Legislative Excellence Award at the 2008 NAHU Annual Convention Awards Breakfast



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