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Program Message
Allan M. Wearing, 2008 President-Elect & Program Chair

Updated July 30, 2021

Dear WAHU Members:

With all the activity this year on the political front, it is essential that each WAHU member responsibly and seriously accepts their role as the voice of reason and common sense in the discussion surrounding health care reform. It is our responsibility to understand the real reasons for the current dilemma, and continue to propose solutions that are practical and viable in the future. Our almost 600 members are not only good people but intelligent and action oriented. 

Our effectiveness in communicating our position can be enhanced by one simple act — your attendance at the upcoming Annual Fall Sales Conference held at Chula Vista Resort in the Wisconsin Dells.



This year’s committee has lined up an impressive agenda. We have brought together various perspectives on the latest healthcare discussions. Including:


  • Drought Proof™ : How to live each day passionately engaged!
  • Healthcare Tsunami: The Wave of Consumerism That Will Change U.S. Business
  • The HEART of Communication

What we learn will help hone our own positions regarding health insurance, health care and the marketplace.


Of course, no WAHU Conference would be complete without its always popular golf outing and evening speaker. 


Look for speakers that educate, motivate and inspire and ask the questions:

To what end? Why do we do what we do? How can we do it better?  There are challenges in our industry to make health care and health insurance affordable and accessible to all.  Come to the Annual Conference and learn how we can help make that a reality.


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